Finding the Right De-Addiction Option for You

Detoxification is the process of purifying the body of toxins. With a strong hangover syndrome (abstinence), medical detoxification is often used to remove the products of alcohol breakdown from the body and restore the healthy work of the internal organs. In combination with infusion therapy and the intake of vitamins – this is the best way to overcome the hangover or intoxication from any other toxic substances.

Clinical psychologist

Many medical institutions now offer detoxification at home. In fact, when a person is in a drinking post for several days or is in a state of drug intoxication, the work of his internal organs is completely broken. In the body there are many complex chemical processes.

The experts use the following methods of detoxifying the body:

  • Infusion therapy;
  • Exacorporal detoxification (membrane plasmapheresis, haemofiltration);
  • Syndrome drugs;
  • Use of enterosorbents to prevent the ingress of alcohol decay products into the blood;
  • Complex of vitamins, cardioprotectors, sedatives;

During alcohol detoxification, the doctors take an individual approach to each patient in order to identify the most effective complex of measures in a particular case for complete purification of the organism. Here an important role is played by such factors as: the period of consumption of alcohol or narcotics, how long intoxication lasts, the type of drug used, and also the personal characteristics of each person. The use of there now.

Some Cases:

In many cases, patients themselves completely deny the need for alcohol detoxification. Being under the influence of narcotics or with the sharp development of mental illness, people are simply unable to think sensibly and reasonably assess the situation. Therefore, each relative must understand the danger of such periods for the life of their loved ones, it is necessary to guide the patient as soon as possible to assist. Sometimes even one postponed day leads to several years of elimination.

In the clinic you can always get full information about the current status of the patient and the course of detoxification of the body. If necessary, we provide psychological assistance to relatives and friends, and you will certainly receive recommendations on how to maintain the health of a loved one after the process of detoxification.

If a person close to you refuses to undergo the procedure of detoxification, in consequence of a serious condition or unwillingness to be treated, we are ready to help you in solving this problem.

Drug dependence is a serious problem that must be addressed at the earliest stages. If you or a person close to you got hooked on drugs, do not delay the solution of the problem – call a specialist at home or sign up for a consultation now! The detoxification procedure for drug addiction is your first step to a full life without dependence!


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