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Before the opening of the pharmacy, the head will have to execute local acts regulating the procedure for the sale, storage, disposal of medicines, cleaning of premises. Sales of medicines are carried out in accordance with the rules established in the pharmacy, violation – the basis for disciplinary action, dismissal of employees, deprivation of a license, imposition of a fine.

Health institutions with the aim of obtaining maximum profit, regardless of the time of the year, sell cosmetic products, children’s products, hygiene products that enjoy stable demand. For GNC / Sell to GNC this is important.

Sales of medicines

Regulate the sale of medicines legal norms, the state limits the ability of owners to establish prices, exceeding the approved limit is a gross violation.

The advantage of trade in cosmetics, hygiene means is the absence of restrictions in determining the prices for products. The assortment is formed according to the rules established by the pharmacy.

Features of the sale of medicines

To sell medicines, special equipment is needed to ensure the storage conditions recommended by manufacturers. A representative of a company specializing in the production of commercial equipment discusses the specifics of the work with the pharmacy manager, develops a project with a detailed description. The same kind of support you will have for the Food and beverage distributor now.

Sales of medicines

The design features, functionality of commercial equipment depends on the specialization of the pharmacy. Compact pharmacies with limited assortment are limited to acquiring classic display cases, which allow to save as much space as possible, for unobstructed examination of goods, and to work comfortably for a pharmacist.

A standard set of commercial equipment for a pharmacy: storefronts, counters, refrigerators, a variety of models emphasizes the individuality of the hall, the interior impresses visitors, remains in memory.

Rules of sales in a pharmacy

Mandatory sales of medicines are accompanied by checks, used when necessary to prove the purchase of goods in a certain pharmacy. The pharmacist must provide the client with a check, certificates confirming the authenticity of the origin of medicinal products, on demand.

Employees of the pharmacy control the microclimate in the room (temperature, humidity) in order to prevent spoilage, reduce the quality of medicines. When applying for a job, pharmacy employees are instructed, strictly follow the rules for prescription drug sales, the automated system saves information about compliance with the rules of medicines.

If funds are found that have expired, the pharmacist immediately draws up an act of write-off, the disposal is carried out in accordance with the law.

Increase in sales

Advertising is necessary for selling medicines in the face of growing competition; information about discount bonuses attracts the attention of buyers. An effective way to attract the target audience is to distribute advertising in medical institutions at public transport stops. Advertising projects aimed at promoting innovative means, organized by producers, attract the attention of experiment fans; pharmacies immediately respond to the growing demand, conclude a contract for the supply of the drug.

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